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Policy change log

Changes since the 2014-2015 Public Review

Updates since 1 July 2015

6 June 2016

Provisions for university residential colleges

An issue was identified whereby the wording of criteria under Schedule 1 of the Registration Policy could be misinterpreted as prohibiting university residential colleges from being considered eligible within the domain space, or make it difficult for such colleges to complete the required warranty and reference documents.

eDAC agreed to amend the Registration Policy to expressly state that university residential colleges are eligible to apply for domain name registration.

This resulted in the addition of the following footnote to page 7 of the Registration Policy:

"For the purposes of this policy, where a University Residential College provides accommodation primarily to students of a university and also provides students with education and/or training services, the University Residential College will be considered to be providing education and training related services under the category of entities not otherwise listed."

30 November 2015

Provisions for individuals and partnerships

An issue was identified whereby, due to the wording of the standard warranty and reference requirements, applicants operating education or training businesses as either sole traders or in partnerships were unable to meet the eligibility criteria under Schedule 1, Section 1.1b of the Registration Policy.

eDAC agreed to add separate warranty and reference requirements to the policy that expressly allow individuals and provide an avenue for partnerships to apply for domain name registration.

This resulted in the addition of the following to the Registration Policy:

Schedule 1, Section 1.2c:
An individual applying under Category 1.1 (b) may only apply under the subcategories ‘non-accredited training provider’, and ‘entities not otherwise listed’.

Schedule 1, Section 1.2d:
"An individual applying under Category 1.1 (b) must provide the Registrar with:
i. An Australian Business Number (ABN);
ii. A registered business name;
iii. An Australian trade mark registration; or
iv. Equivalent evidence of operating a business in Australia."

Schedule 1, Section 1.4:
"A partnership cannot hold a domain name registration. An applicant who is a member of a partnership may apply for domain name registration on behalf of a partnership."

Table 4:
- Specific warranty statement for Individual Applicants
- Specific warranty statement for Applications Made on Behalf of a Partnership


.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), the governing body for the .au domain space, has delegated policy and management responsibility for the domain to the Domain Administration Committee (eDAC). eDAC is responsible for developing and maintaining the policies and procedures that apply to the administration of the domain.


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