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Policy information

Current polices and notices applicable to

Current published policies

As set by the Domain Administration Committee

The policies below were adopted on 1 July 2015 as a result of the 2014-15 Public Review of the Domain's Governance Arrangements and Eligibility and Allocation Policies. Subsequent revisions are reflected in the 'Updated' date for each policy.

Policy table

2016-02 Registration (eligibility and allocation) 06 June 2016 PDF
2015-02 Pricing 01 July 2015 PDF
2015-03 Policy change process 01 July 2015 PDF
2015-04 Creation of new child zones 01 July 2015 PDF
2015-05 Unauthorised registries 01 July 2015 PDF
2015-06 Privacy 01 July 2015 PDF
2015-07 Complaints 01 July 2015 PDF
2015-08 Transfers (change of registrant) 01 July 2015 PDF
2015-09 Mandatory terms and conditions 01 July 2015 PDF

Supplementary and supporting documents

Relevant government accreditation/registration authorities
For use alongside Schedule 1 of the Registration Policy

Pricing notice
Fees for domain name licences and other registrar services


.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), the governing body for the .au domain space, has delegated policy and management responsibility for the domain to the Domain Administration Committee (eDAC). eDAC is responsible for developing and maintaining the policies and procedures that apply to the administration of the domain.


Current policies
2014-15 Public Review
Policy change log

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