Why you should choose a

Integrity & Focus
Policy by the Sector, for the Sector
The governance framework brings together the internet and domain industry knowledge of the .au Domain Administration and the education and training sector knowledge from peak bodies from each sector represented via the Domain Administration Committee to provide policies tailored to and evolving with the needs and interests of the education and training sectors and best practices in the domain industry.

Integrity of a Regulated Domain Space
Building on the existing trust and regulation of the .au domain space, adds futher integrity though a policy framework that ensures domain name licences are only issued to recognised Australian education and training entities. The administration of this policy framework in conjunction with the self-managed not-for-profit nature of provides stability and protects registrants from common issues associated with commerical extensions.

Dedicated Registrar/Support Services
The registrar specialises in providing services and support to the education and training sectors and has been providing the registration service for domain names for over ten years. Dedicated support is available to all applicants and licence holders providing assistance from the policy information and the initial point of application through to linking your domain name to your hosting services of choice and liaising with your third party provider to get you online.
Recognised & Trusted
Stand Out from the Crowd
From pre-schools to universities, students to online search engines, peak bodies to suppliers - the domain is universally recognised and provides education and training providers with a trusted internet 'brand' on which to build and establish their online presence. Being able to convey to your target audience both the nature of your organisation and its scope / jurisdiction of operation provides a value add and marketing aid not available through any other domain space or extension.

End User Assurance
First impressions and the level of trust placed in the content can be key to attracting and retaining users on your website. Further to just conveying the nature of your organisation, by ensuring domain name licences are only issued to recognised Australian education and training entities use of a domain gives visitors to your website assurance that your organisation is registered with the relevant accreditation authorities, or recognised by the associated peak body or peers in the sector.

Access to Products & Services
The trust and recognition associated with domain names both within the education and training sectors and auxiliary and supporting industries can assist domain name holders in gaining access to education initiatives as well as education-only products, services and licencing through third party vendors and suppliers. Eligibility for such services can often be verified or fast tracked through use of domain for your organisation's website or emails.