29th of April 2015 Governance and Policy Review

  1. Status
  2. The Domain Administration Committee (eDAC) has now completed its public review of the domain's:

    • governance and supporting administration arrangements; and
    • domain name eligibility and allocation policies.
    The domain is a 'closed' internet domain restricted for use by recognised education and training entities that operate in Australia.

    The review was aimed at ensuring that:

    • the governance and supporting administration arrangements for the domain are appropriate and act for
           the benefit of Australian education and training sector;
    • the domain name eligibility and allocation policies allow the domain to remain sustainable, while maintaining the
           integrity of the domain;
    • the domain name eligibility and allocation policies are consistent with:
      • au Domain Administration Limited's (auDA) policies and practices for the management of the .au domain;
      • current trends, practices and standards within the education and training sector; and
      • current trends, practices and standards in the use of the internet.
  3. Public Consultation
  4. eDAC released an [Issues Paper] for public comment on 22 August 2014. Submissions closed on 3 October 2014.

    eDAC subsequently released a [Discussion Paper] on 3 December 2014. Submissions closed on 27 January 2015.

  5. Review Report
  6. eDAC prepared a [Final Review Report] and submitted it to auDA. auDA reviewed the Report at its April 2015 meeting and has [written] to eDAC advising it accepted its recommendations in full. eDAC is now working to implement the recommendations of the Final Review Report.


Please click the links below to download a copy of the documents for this review.

Final Report.pdf

auDA Letter.pdf

Issues Paper.pdf

Discussion Paper.pdf


The submissions for the Issues Paper and Discussions Paper can be found on their respective announcement pages linked below.