Domain Renewal

Extending your licence


1. Dates and notifications
2. Renew online via management console
3. Payment options
4. Invoicing

How to renew my domain name?

The option to renew your domain name will become available 90 days before the expiry date. The registrar will notify you prior to the expiry of your domain name license period and offer you the chance to renew the license for a further 2 years for $99.

Notifications are sent out as emails, including one at 88 days before the expiry date, a second at 30 days before the expiry date and a final reminder at 5 days before the expiry date. The notifications will be sent to both the primary and secondary email registered under your management account (please note notifications are not sent to the WHOIS contacts). Therefore, it is important to keep your contact details up to date.

The notification emails includes a secure link to renew the expiring domain name via credit card without logging in as well as the workflow ID which can be entered in the form in the right hand column of this page. Alternatively you can renew your domain from within the management console by following the instructions below:

Renew online via management console

  1. Login to your account via
    This will take you to the Account Summary Information page

  2. Under the left hand column title “You have domains due for renewal”:
    Select the domain name you wish to renew via the drop down menu.

  3. Click [Renew/Allow lapse] to initiate the renewal process.
    This will take you to the Renew | page.

  4. Under the title “Please enter your billing details” You have three payment options

    In the column "Select to proceed with the renewal" select a payment option using the radio buttons.

    Pay by Prepaid Credit Account
    Direct deposits (EFT) and cheque payments are added to the system as prepaid balance.
    Prepaid balance can also be added to your account using a credit card and used for subsequent renewals.

    Pay by Invoice
    Renews the domain name and issues an invoice with payment details for direct deposit (EFT), cheque and BPAY.

    Pay by Credit Card
    Prompts to either enter new credit card details or use existing details on file.
    If looking to set the domain name to auto-renew for subsequent registration periods, there must be a credit card on file.

  5. Agree to Terms and Conditions check box –
    “Submission of this renewal form means I have understood ESA's Terms and Conditions.”

  6. Agree to eligibility check box –
    “By ticking this box you warrant that you are still eligible to hold this .au domain according to current eligibility policy.”

  7. Click [Renew]
On completion of renewal a copy of the invoice will then be sent to the account contact email address(es).
Renewing by credit card?

If you have received your reminder notice and would like to renew your registration using a credit card please enter the workflow ID from the email into the field below to be taken to our online payment form.