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Billing and invoices

Billing and invoices

Registration fees and pricing information


1. Pricing notice
2. Payment methods and invoicing
3. Credit card details and default billing method
4. Requesting a refund

1. Pricing notice

The domain operates on a not-for-profit basis for the benefit of the Australian education and training sector, with licence fees set on a on a cost-recovery basis. The current licence fee per year for both new registrations and renewals is:

  • $49.50 including GST for standard accounts
  • $44.55 including GST for bulk accounts.

To be eligible for the bulk discount, an individual registrant must have more than 100 registrations under their management, under a single account.

Licences are granted and are renewable for a period of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. Registrants may request a licence period of less than a whole number of years only for the purposes of aligning the expiry date to that of another domain name under the same account (Domain Synchronisation).

Domain Synchronisation fees are charged in 6 month blocks.

For further details please see the fees section of the Registrar Agreement.

2. Payment methods and invoicing

The registrar currently accepts the following payment methods:

  • credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • direct deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT)

On approval of a new application or the successful submission of a renewal for an existing domain name, the management console will send a confirmation to both the primary and secondary email addresses listed on the account, with the associated tax invoice attached. The tax invoice will also be available to view and download via the Billing tab when the account holder is signed into the management console.

By default, both the application and renewal processes will prompt the account holder for credit card details. If you require an invoice without upfront payment, or want to use a different payment method, please select Arrange Payment Offline as your payment type.

This option may not be available for all account holders and is subject to approval. To request a post-paid account, please contact our support team.

Details for making payment via direct deposit or EFT are provided on the invoice.

To pay a post-paid invoice by credit card, please call 1300 885 092 or pay online this way.

  • Sign in to the management console using your account reference.
  • From the Billing tab, select the Pay now link in the table row for the invoice.
  • Select a saved credit card or enter a new credit card and then select Pay now.

Please note

By default, the management console will issue separate invoices for each domain name that is registered or renewed. If you would prefer a consolidated invoice, before you submit your order please contact our support team for assistance.

3. Credit card details and default billing method

Credit card details can be saved in the management console for your convenience, or as required, by the automatic renewal function. To add, modify or remove a credit card, do the following.

  • Sign in to the management console using your account reference.
  • Select the Account tab, followed by the Credit card details link in the right panel.

To use the automatic renewal function, and to authorise the registrar to submit payment for the renewal fee on your behalf, you must also nominate a credit card on file as the default billing method. This can be set when a new card is added or by selecting the default flag in the table row in the Current credit cards on file section and then selecting Save changes.

If you want to remove all credit cards saved in the management console, including the default billing method, please send a request to from an authorised contact for the account.

4. Requesting a refund

The registrar can issue a refund in the following circumstances:

  • within 72 hours of a new registration
  • within 72 hours of a renewal
  • where the licence was issued in error by the Registrar or Registry Operator.
  • as an outcome of the review or referral process under the complaints process..

To request a refund, please send a request via email to from an authorised contact for the account within the stated grace period and/or citing the reason for the request. For more information on cancelling a registration or renewal, please see the Applications and renewals page.


If there is any inconsistency between this guide and the published policies, please follow the published policies.

If unsure how to apply the details on this page (or the published policies) to your domain name or the circumstances of your organisation or business, please contact our support team for assistance.

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